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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lebanon Ceasefire

Three days ago, a ceasefire was called in Lebanon. That's good news.

Read more at Amnesty International's site to find out what you can do personally to help those who have suffered.

And here's a wonderful, goosebumpy story about a Christian grandmother in Beirut. She's housing Shia Muslim wives and children as their husbands hold down the fort at their bakery in the south of Lebanon.

That's taking the commandment to "love each other" seriously. I like that grandma and I don't even know her.

Stayin' Alive!

The BBC had an amazing story this morning of three Mexican fishermen, rescued after nine months of being at sea. Their boat's engine broke down, so the men ate raw birds and fish, drank rainwater, and read the Bible and prayed together while they floated towards Asia.

The guys might not have had any engine power, but they received power to live from Someone who took really good care of them.